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App Vitals

  • Application Not Responding (ANRs)
  • Crash Reporting
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Performance & Benchmark

  • Android Activity/Fragment
  • Koin
  • Performance Code Tracing
  • Session Replay
  • 3rd Party Library (Retrofit…)
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Architecture Overview

  • Timeline - Koin Live “Organic” View (Modules, Instances, Scopes…)
  • Issues Detection: Structure Complexity & Bottlenecks
  • Reusability Insights & Trends
Pinpoint and Address Architecture Bottlenecks in your App

Pinpoint and Address Architecture Bottlenecks in your App

Visualize your App's architecture with Koin's timeline feature, understanding the flow of modules, instances, and scopes to enhance the overall architecture. Identify complex code structures and performance bottlenecks, enabling you to refactor and optimize for improved maintainability and performance. Gain insights into codebase reusability and identify trends for building modular and scalable applications.

We collaborate with our partners to develop the appropriate architecture technologies to help you design scalable applications with ease.

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Take charge of your Koin-based architecture

Gain insights to anticipate and resolve architecture complexities, structural flaws, and performance issues.

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